My name is Calliope den Ouden

I provide a range of services, easily summarized in: ‘Research and Design’

As inktspatten you can hire me to visualizes your ideas across-media.
Logo, Brand identity & Editorial illustration, spot-illustrations, portraits, comics. Terms of service // FAQ send me a note

As Saved by Design you can hire me to design and build your website.
Visit the portfolio, read the terms of service, peruse the FAQ and ask me questions via the contact form.

As Mnemovore you can hire me to research topics ranging from social-geography to muscle cars, ritual & myths, psychology and the intersection between technology and biology.
Inquiries via the contact form.

“reasonable prices for reasonable projects, excellent prices for extraordinary projects”

About me
A long, long time a go in a universe nearby I was a professional bookseller. You can read more about me here, follow me on twitter, fan the inktspatten facebookpage and circle me on G+. There’s a few more social media outposts, but really who has the time? 😉