So, you've found my secret lair.

I knew it couldn't last, but now that you're here, hero, I can tell you all about my complicated and tragic -yet exciting!- past and, oh! monologue about my plans to take over the world!


If the above didn't make you click the x, good. Let's get down to brass tacks.

The five things I appreciate most in a working relation are:

1. Candor. It's preferable that people are a bit blunt in their communication than passive aggressively talk behind each others back. Small wars have started that way.

2. Discovery. At the end of the day I know and can do more than I did at the start.

3. Purpose. Whether that is making a functional object, streamlining logistics. "You need to leave the world a better place than you've found it."

4. Fun. Not everything needs to be immediate roi. We need to be able to help out collagues and take time to wonder.

5. Money. Not too much -certainly not too little. I like to be able to continue to support charities and initiate cool things while eating a hearty sandwich.